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Luggage Policy

If you are booking Sedans and Luxury Sedans, then you can take in 3 standard size luggages at most. The number of people that can be accommodated is three. If you are looking for a bigger car, then you can go for an SUV which can accommodate 6 passengers and 6 standard size luggages.  

Credit Card Policy

Our credit card policy consists of pre-approval which requires you to provide the credit card number in advance. This is done to ensure a hold and it does not include the cost of the trip. The preliminary hold is equivalent to 150% of the stated fare which s placed on the card. The total bill including tolls, additional stops, waiting time and gratuity will be secure with the preliminary hold and it will be released after the payment has been made. It can take up to 3-5 days for the process to be completed.  

Cancelation Policy

If you want to cancel a trip, then you must notify the customer service representative three hours prior to the pickups from Ney York City 5 Boroughs inclusive of airports. If the pickup is set in Connecticut, New Jersey, Westchester, and Newark Airport, then the cancellation has to be done 6 hours prior to the pickup. Cancellation can be done by email, texts or phone calls. However, if a trip is not cancelled within a specific period, fees will be charged from the credit card. Email: info@lgacarservice.us Phone: 1-718-304-7604  

No Show

In case the passenger does not show up during the scheduled time, the LGA Car service will wait for 15 minutes and then the case will be treated as a no-show and the passenger will be left. It is important that you communicate with the car service in case you have a change of plan. Besides that, you will be charged the full fare in case it is a no-show situation.  


Before signing up for the services of LGA Cars, you must know that LGA Car Services cannot be held responsible in case there are any faults n the transportation services, late arrivals, problems that may arise at any point in the journey and, inadequacy. You must contact the airline during the peak travel hours. Verify the time of your departure during extreme weather conditions. Also, you must check in with the customer service of the LGA Car Service at 1-718-304-7604 to check the availability of the car if you want to book one 12 hours in advance or on the same day.  

Privacy Policy

Privacy is strictly maintained at LGA Car Services. The information of the customers is used only for their reservation of the car services. From time to time, LGA Car Services may inform the customers about new services, special offers and the new additions or changes made to the website. The security system is very strong and is incorporated with firewalls, security procedures and advanced technology in order to completely secure your information. Unauthorized access is not permitted and the services are completely safe. The currency used is US dollars.

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